Services Provided

Litigation Funding Management

Jim, has vast experience working with and for the UK and US litigation funders. Jim is uniquely placed to give an independent view of the providers of litigation funding in terms of the process and price structures they offer. Jim has introduced clients to UK litigation funders with global claims in excess of £300m.

Jim, also provides a costs management service to both the funders/clients in regard  managing/controlling the legal costs of the individual litigation.

Fees are based on either a win fee or an agreed monthly retainer fee.

Buying Legal Services

1. Independent review of your external law firms hourly rates and charges in comparison to the marketplace.

2. Independent review of your external law firms billing protocols/budgets methods; including a comparison of budgets given re actual prices charged.

3. Independent review of a cross section of your cases/matters over the previous 1-3 years on prices.

4. Independent review of a cross section of your cases to analysis starts to finish time scales, risk against reward analysis.

Legal Audit of legal fees

1. Legal audit of your legal fees

2. Advising on your rights under Solicitors Act 1974 and the SRA costs information code.

3. Advising on complaints to Regulator and assisting with applications/complaint protocols.

4. Attending court costs hearings and mediations.

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